Our History

Playground Rev. Chuck Rigby, pastor of First Baptist Church of Land O’ Lakes, supported by the membership of FBCLOL, opened a day school on September 5, 1978 using A.C.E. curriculum specifically to serve the needs of FBCLOL families. The facilities included a sanctuary, small fellowship hall/multi-purpose room, and multi-room educational/nursery building. LOLCS began with an enrollment of 23 students in K – 7 grade, all being children of First Baptist Church of Land O’ Lakes members. In subsequent years, Mr. Joe Perry, Mr. Rob Florence, and Mr. Barry Frazier served as headmasters until 1990 when the school structure changed to the mainstream, traditional classroom school it is today. The student population grew to include approximately 45 students until the restructure in 1990.

In 1990 the school board hired Mr. Bryan Branham as Administrator/Teacher and the school started in August 1990 with less than 30 students in K5 – 4 grades, opening the enrollment up to include non-FBCLOL Christian families. The program and facilities expanded in 1992 with a classroom/restroom addition, and the inclusion of a K4 and 5/6 combined grade. Mr. Branham remained Administrator until 2000, leaving his teaching responsibilities behind as the school grew in population and grades (up to 7th grade) and the facility grew to include a Fellowship Hall, 2 additional classroom spaces added to our existing sanctuary, and a remodeled educational classroom building (Education Building).

Mr. Russell Lyle replaced Mr. Branham as Administrator in 2001 and aided the process of completing a large 8-room educational facility (Faithful Servant’s Building), updating our primary-aged playground area, and added our high school grades starting with 9th grade in August 2001. Following Mr. Lyle administratively was Mr. John Hubley (2003-2004), Mrs. Denise Smith, Interim Administrator (2004-2005), and Mr. Dave Nichols (2005 to current date).