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Dr. Peterson has written an exciting new book entitled,
A Firm Foundation.

Having a working knowledge of the basic truths of Godís Word solves many spiritual problems. In this book Dr. David Peterson seeks to lay a firm foundation for the believerís faith by giving him a good understanding of truths essential for the Christian life. Through clear biblical teaching and practical examples, Dr. Peterson answers questions such as:

Can I be absolutely certain that I will go to heaven when I die?
Can I as a born-again believer ever lose my salvation?
Now that I am saved, why do I still want to sin?
Can I judge a personís salvation by the way he lives his life?
How can I be certain the Bible is really the Word of God?
How can I be effective in sharing my faith with others?

These questions and many more are answered. Establish a firm foundation for your faith by reading this easy-to-understand book.


This book is available for only $13.99. To purchase your copy, please call our church office at 813-996-2651.